Upcoming Shows

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Hey y’all, I got a couple of cool gigs coming up. The First Gig will be July 7th the second is in September. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be opening for the great Darryl Worley , along with my good friends Trailerpark Rebels on July 7th! I literally still remember the first time I heard his debut single […]

New Friends and Old Country Songs

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I was 15 when I first heard Billy Dean sing Somewhere In My Broken Heart…and I was immediately obsessed with it. I already loved the song- as it had been recorded a few years earlier by Randy Travis- but something about the emotion in the way Billy sang it was different. I remember telling my […]

NEW MUSIC – Christmas Album

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Hey y’all! While recording my next album, my producer said, “hey, lets do a couple of quick Christmas songs ” well a couple turned into 6. These songs are nothing fancy, just 6 Christmas songs performed acoustically with some bells on a couple of them. Since it’s spur of the moment, and wasn’t planned, my […]


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Hey y’all – I am happy to tell you that Summer Sun is now available for download!!! I am so grateful for Miss Rebecca at LOZ Radio for playing this song for the past month. Living in Utah, by October, while we still have nice warm days in the 70s, the mornings and evenings have […]

Utah Music Awards – New Artist of the Year, and Best Single of the Year

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I am so happy to announce that a song adored by many of you, “Bleeding,” has been nominated for Single of the Year by the Utah Music Awards. Also, I have been nominated as New Artist of the Year. I would be so grateful if y’all would be willing to vote for the song. Follow […]

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