IT’S HERE! Release Day

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I am so excited to present to you Small Town Scandal. You can download it here at my website (and/or get a CD too). It will be available on iTunes in a few more days, and select tracks will be on Spotify towards the end of the month.

As one reviewer said about Small Town Scandal, “His edgy country style and memorable melodies bounce and glide and push and pull. Not only that, but he can write love songs that aren’t so sugary that your teeth will hurt. Steeped in country swagger, Pat Swenson is here to ride shotgun with you on that late-night drive down some country back-road ‘til his strings break.”

So click the order button below and get instant access to “Small Town Scandal” and receive your entry to a musical world full of cowboy stories, pretty girls, and drums that go “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!”.

You will receive a digital download of Small Town Scandal via email, immediately after placing your order.


Click here to order a physical CD